Get to Know the Worldwide App Market

Even as we write these lines, new applications are made and uploaded to various app stores worldwide. Appearing on the “right” store is vital for an app success and will determine if it will become hugely popular or quickly forgotten. Not surprisingly, this is even more important that the development or the efficiency and medium apps that appear on popular stores will become more successful than innovative apps that fail to get a spotlight. It’s not just about choosing a popular store, but also choosing one that specializes in the apps you deal with, because it will know how to bring the right buyers for whatever it is you’re selling. On this page we will offer a drill down of the mainstream as well as the adult app market and will list the top app stores in each and every category. Are you ready? Here we go.

Android App Stores

AppsZoom is a large Android app market with various categories. This is one of the few stores that appeal to the adult app market, because it has a set category for this type of applications.

AndAppOnline offers simple methods of distributing applications to Android users.

AppsLib is a huge app store that focuses on the less familiar Android devices such as eReaders and tablets. Users participate by commenting and rating apps.

Google Play – if you haven’t heard about it one can only assume that you’ve been residing under a rock. The official Android app store has more than half a million applications and various other services.

AndroidPIT is an app store that comes with a large, participating online community. It brings together Android developers, experts and devoted users and has over a million active members.

1Mobile – Just take a look around this colorful site and you’ll soon see that it specializes in mobile games. However, there are plenty of other choices that will appeal to non-gamers.

Camangi is an Android app market mainly for 6-inch to 10-inch tablets.

SlideMe – The main philosophy of this unique and bubbly site is that one app store can’t everyone. This service creates On Device stores for manufactures and specific solutions to various niche markets.
Amazon Appstore is, as the name suggests, Amazon’s app store. It has more apps than one user could ever go through and offers one free app every day, usually a game.

Tegra Store specializes in game apps that are optimized for games optimized for Tegra-powered mobiles.

Nook App Store is the Official app store for Barnes & Noble’s. It offers an advanced Android e-reader and has over 30 million products. This site isn’t just about books. It has games, learning apps and much more.

Soci.i0 Describes itself as a Mall where mobile users can shop for apps, books, games and soon even music. The site has both paid and free Android applications divided into several categories.

SnapClowd assists app developers and device makers to design, create, and operate branded app stores. It is a very user-friendly and easy to master store with several interesting options.

iPhone/iOS App Stores

PremierAppShop – A legal App Store offering legit apps for iPhones, iPod touch and iPads.

Cydia is an ideal solution for anyone who has “jailbroken” mobile devices. It sets itself as an alternative for Apple’s official store and delivers both free and paid applications.

App Store is the one name that doesn’t need introduction. The official iOS application store is perhaps challenged nowadays by multiple rivals, but it is still the biggest app store online.

BlackBerry OS App Stores

BBNation– A massive content portal that is owned by Moket America. The site deals mainly with BlackBerry content including apps and – as could be expected – games.

BlackBerry App World is the official BlackBerry app store. It has tens of thousands of applicatiosn which users can download.

CrackBerry Store appeals to the big, active CrackBerry community. This independent app store was built and is now run by enthusiastic BlackBerry fans and the site includes forums where users actively participate in ranking and promoting the applications.

GetJar delivers exclusive discounts on apps and users get rewarded for trying new products.

Zeewee – Cross-platform app store that distributes HTML5 web-apps. Offers in-app purchasing, direct to bill and push notifications. Claims to have distributed over 1 million apps since its launch

Appia – Appia is a mobile user acquisition network with over 1 billion users in more than 200 countries.

PhoLoad is more of a community than a site. It gives developers the opportunity to upload and distribute applications free of charge and works with Android and Symbian platforms. Users can review, rate and offer input of the various options.

Appolicious – A huge app directory that assists developers un drawing attention to their applications get their apps rated and discovered while simultaneously making it easy for consumers to find the best iOS and Android applications for their needs. Appolicious members take active part by reviewing, rating and sharing apps.

OpenAppMkt is a large app market that applies to both iPhonse and Androids. The thing that makes this portal special is the app developers’ revenues – they get 80%.

Handster offers numerous apps for Android, BlackBerry, Java and Symbian and also advanced white label platform.

Handmark – An app store for BlackBerry, Android, Palm and Windows devices.

Mobango – MOBANGO is a mobile community that lets any smart phone user publish, convert, and share user-generated content. Users simply upload PC content and the website converts them for cellphone and then offers convenient distribution methods.

Handango is a user-friendly app store that has creative applications for Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

NexVa has various mobile platforms, including a white label. The site offers support and exposure to affiliates that want to round up traffic.

Opera Mobile App Store is handles by Opera – as in the browser developer, not the talk-show queen, and it has applications for Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.

Appitalism is an independent app store and a social community. Users can locate, review and download mobile content and apps for PC, smartphones, tablets and eBook readers,

AppCentral – Companies that want to develop, launch and distribute their very own app store across various platforms, will find all the tools they need here.

WhiteApp An innovative Directory of white label apps for iPhones and Androids. These applications can be very simply rebranded and sold under a new name.

AppCity is a French app store that handles and distribute many apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

AppShup is an Indian app store that deals with SMS-delivered Java applications – for business, educations or games.

Kongregate – Mobile and desktop Flash-powered app store that focuses on videogames. Claims to reach over 6 million mobile and desktop gamers, with 56 thousand Flash games.

Aptoide with over 100,000 apps and numerous users, there is not a unique and centralized store but each user manages their own store.

BananasFactory is a friendly and community of mobile developer that allows users to develop, design and market apps to various app stores. Users that have an idea for an app, but lack development skills, will also find options online.

Maopao is one of the biggest app stores in China, and China being the size that it is, we’re talking REAL BIG. The store offers apps for iPhone, Android and Symbian and the only real problem it has is that it’s only available in Chinese, which is quite a pickle.

Adult Apps

FuckedApps is the most innovative choice in the adult app market. It has various porn apps in different categories and it is constantly updated.

MiKandi is a large app store for Androids that that specializes in adult applications. Was the first one to present the Google Glass porn app.

AdultAppMart – The name says it all. This is an adult app market for porn fans. is out to present thousand of adult applications for mobile porn fans. It is a large choice of iPhone and iPad apps and even a Panic button which will send users directly to a mainstream news site, just in case someone walks in while you’re browsing the naughty goods.

Operator/Carrier App Stores

Verizon App Store has professional applications for BlackBerry, Android and Brew platforms, in different categories.

MTNPlay – This large South African content portal offers applications for the African and Asian markets.

China Mobile is China’s biggest mobile operator’s app store and appropriately has half a billion users – give or take a million. The apps found here are made for Android as well as for Symbian.

AT&T App Centre is obviously the official app store for AT&T, addressing BlackBerry and Symbian. It offers registered developers marketing tools and support.

Sprint has a developer program, where apps can be pre-installed on devices. It also assists developers to get their apps promoted.

Manufacturer-specific App Stores
LG Smart World is, as the name suggests, LG official app store of. It recognizes country code and showcases relevant apps – Android to US users and Windows Phone apps to Asian users.

CISCO App HQ is a serious app store owned by CISCO/ You won’t find many gaming applications here, it is a good platform for developers that are interested in technology partners and business owners that are trying to address practical issues. Other categories include sports, travel and weather.

Samsung Apps –The official Samsung App store for its Bada operating system, made popular on devices such as the Samsung Wave. Bada is expected to be phased out soon, so Samsung Apps’ future is unclear.

Motorola Shop4Apps is a rather unique app store. It is owned by Motorola but is primarily, if not exclusively, targeted at the quickly-growing Chinese mobile market.

Lenovo App Store is Lenovo’s official app store. Keep I mind that it id only available in Chinese, which serves as a serious issue for most non-Chinese users

Docomo Market is the official Android app market for the well-known Japanese manufacturer Docomo. It appeals to developers because it offers Japanese optimization for applications and the market itself is installed automatically on every Docomo handset in Japan.